Glymt, the platform for sourcing and licensing consumer generated video to companies, today announced the global launch of their app and web platform. After a successful beta with 20k creators, this company aims to disrupt the $9B video licensing industry by offering brands such as Nestlé and Unilever the benefits of custom-made video at the same cost and convenience of stock video.

Finding and licensing the perfect stock video can be laborious, expensive and clips usually look staged. Nuno Bartolo, 28, founder and CEO of Glymt, experienced this problem first-hand when working as an architect in India. Returning to Portugal, Nuno put together a team to develop a solution to enable anyone to find and license the perfect clip easily.

The Glymt App

Glymt helps brands find and source genuine videos faster and cheaper than existing alternatives, by opening up the market to non-professionals that shoot clips on-demand. According to Glymt CEO, "the focus is not on having a large video stock but on providing an instant connection between brands and a global filming crew to achieve faster, better results for our clients."

To use Glymt, users need to download the free app or register at After sign-up, creators can upload 5-20 second videos of their interests. Glymt reviews all videos for content, quality and copyright infringement before making them available as stock video at $20. Creators can also answer requests for tailored-made videos by recording and submitting new clips, usually for a higher reward. When a video is licensed, revenues are split with the creators, who can then withdraw funds from their account through PayPal. The Glymt Appusers can also browse videos from the community, promote their portfolios on social media and rate each other's clips.

Brands, agencies and producers can use the app or site to search and license existing stock and to make free clip requests. When creators submit their clips to a request the potential buyer reviews and pays only for the clips he wants. Brands can also buy credits for volume licensing at a discount.

Glymt has been piloting the service since Sept 2015 and has grown organically to 20K creators. They have over 5000 highly engaged users ranging from professionals with large portfolios to videography enthusiasts. Clients piloting the service include large consumer brands such as Nestlé and Unilever, TV producers, the Portuguese Tourism Authority and small digital agencies.

Competitors include established companies Shutterstock and Getty that have extensive portfolios, and startups Stringr and Fresco that shoot on-demand but focus mainly on Citizen Journalism. Glymt takes a different approach. "We are matchmakers. We don't require huge video collections and prefer to listen to the market and activate our creators whenever needed," says Nuno.

About Glymt

Glymt is a mobile-centric platform that helps brands source video clips from thousands of video enthusiasts and filmmakers all over the world.  Creators can download the free app and upload their original clips to the platform for stock licensing, or answer requests from brands for shooting custom-made videos. Creators always keep the Intellectual property of their videos.

A Glymter Inc company, Glymt is based in Surprise, Arizona and was founded in January 2015. It has offices in Dublin, Ireland and Braga, Portugal. To learn more about Glymt, and the video sourcing and licensing revolution, visit: